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Madhusudhan Rhenius

This is a proud FIAT owner writing with a sense of happiness and elation in not only owning a vehicle which has had its share of negative feedback in terms of service from all over the country but having experienced exemplary service. I would like to table my appreciation for the great service I received on Friday 9th August 2013.

I was driving with my family to Madurai from Chennai, and at about 10.00 am I heard a noise emanating from under the hood, it was similar to rubber tyres being shred and the flapping noise coming from that. I checked and found that one of the rubber belts had started ripping and was apprehensive whether I could proceed further. So called up Mr. John, my Service Advisor at Ramkay Fiat and appraised him of my situation. He said not to go any further and he will call me back. Initially we thought we could tow the vehicle back to Chennai and the Workshop. And so I sent back my family in a Taxi back to Chennai, while I waited with the vehicle on the highway. I then got information from Ramkay Fiat that they are sending me mechanic with spares. And I was absolutely delighted that a dealership is going to that extent of sending trained mechanics to service a broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere (Melmaruvathur) and they came with more than enough spares and replaced the belt and the car was back good as new. And was able to proceed on my journey to Madurai after picking up my family once again.

Now that I have returned to Chennai, I thought I must take this opportunity to thank the Team at Ramkay Fiat who strive for customer delight and I will definitely make this known to my circle of Fiat owners about the wonderful experience which Ramkay gives. On a personal note , I am so happy that Ramkay is now part of the FIAT family as I have been a customer with the Ramkay group once as a proud Suzuki Samurai owner and my family as one of their first TVS 50 customers when they started their dealership back in the early 1980s.

I would like to place on record my thanks to Mr. John the Service Advisor, Mr Manikantan and Mr Mogan who were the mechanics who came to my rescue on 9th August at Melmaruvathur and also the Workshop Manager/ Team leader who saw it fit to send the mechanics to an offsite location. Also if it hadn’t been for their CRM Ms. Sukanya who had introduced me to Ramkay Fiat, I wouldn’t have had this wonderful experience.

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